March 09 2004

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Posted by Kim
Talented Community Members Save the Day

Bulldog may have saved the day, but it's the Reliance Area Community Development (RACD) group that is working to maintain the community of Reliance.
This past weekend the RACD members presented their annual fundraising dinner/theater at the Legion Hall in Reliance. And for the 9th year in a row it was a huge success. A great meal, an entertaining play, and a good time plus the money raised equal a triumph for the group and for the community. Funds raised by the group have been used to improve the city park, the cemetery and other projects in the community of Reliance.

While there have been other directors during the past, Lori Marsh has directed the group of 20 to 25 actors for the last few years. This year's play had 21 characters with differing opinions, abilities, and personalities that came together to form the cast of 'Bulldog Saves the Day.'

New actors are added to the production nearly every year, but there remain four veteran actors who have participated in every play since the first humble production back in 1995. Bruce Eymer, his younger brother Chris Eymer, Pam Reis, and Joyce Hofer have been involved with every production over the past 9 years. They along with many others return year after year for the camaraderie of working and performing with friends and family members.

The dinner/theater has gained a vast following. Tickets for the three different productions sell out in a matter of days. Attendees come from far and near, Pierre, Mitchell, Sioux Falls, and points in between.

In addition to a delicious meal and a crowded hall there are a few other things people can count on seeing year after year:

*The play always has at least one male playing the part of a woman and many times it's someone least expected. This year well known bull rider Danny Elwood, who married into a local Reliance family a few years ago, donned a wig and a dress and proved he can act as well as he can ride bulls.

*The talented Eymer brothers competing against each other for the best performance, which is difficult since they are both great actors. The first time I saw these two quiet reserved men on the Reliance stage I was taken back by the unassailable presentations they turned in.

*And adlibs, unexpectedly thrown into the play's dialogue, that produce more laughter than the scripted lines ever could. From garbage man jokes to unplanned smooches, each night's performance is different.

There is no doubt in my mind that the meals and performances are a great deal of work for the small community of Reliance to produce. Just finding the time to commit to the project, putting up with all the different egos, and producing a great show year after year is a challenge many of us wouldn't be able to do. But those of us who look forward to the event each year appreciate the fact that the community of Reliance has the people who can do it and do it so well.

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