January 11 2005

[b]Lines from Lucy [/b]

Posted by Kim
Taking a break

One of my favorite nationally syndicated humor writers, Dave Barry, recently announced that after more than 30 years of writing a weekly column hes decided to take a break. Hes taking a hiatus from his well-known column for the next year or so in order to pursue other ventures.
As a regular reader I will greatly miss his comical stories regarding everyday life, such as the effects of fatherhood the second time around, the play habits of his young daughter, or the just plain silly things that happen to people everyday.
As a writer I can understand his decision to take a leave of absence from the grind of a weekly column. Barry stated in his last column, published Jan. 4th in the Argus Leader, that hes been hearing the comment you used to be funnier from readers, editors, and peers more and more often of late. Hey, give him a break; no one can be that funny every week.
Coming up with a good topic to write about 52 weeks a year, plus making it humorous is a huge challenge. While I dont begin to think that I can write as funny as Dave Barry, I do understand the problem of finding a topic to write about every week. Most times Im lucky to have an idea to write about let alone try to make it humorous.
On occasion I have considered taking a break from writing a column, especially after blunders like one that appeared in last weeks Lines from Lucy. In my column Has Winter finally Arrived? published January 5th, readers were left to wonder about the storys conclusion when the final few words were accidentally cut off in production. The last line was suppose to have read, I should know better than to get too comfortable with the weather, I do live in South Dakota after all. Its difficult to be understood by others, let alone be funny, when the punch line gets cut.
Instead of saying she used to be funnier, since I havent been very funny yet, my readers were probably saying, she used to make sense!
One thing about a weekly column, the writer gets another chance every week to do better

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