January 11 2005

[b]Vivian News by Lillian Severyn[/b]

Posted by Kim
Megan and Paul Stahl, Clark, SD were weekend guests of her parents Kent and Sandy Juhnke. While here they attended a Lyman girls basketball game in White River to watch sister Haley play.
The Lutheran Church held services Sunday followed by the annual meeting and a potluck supper. Officers elected for the coming year were: Trustees: Tom Larson, Ron Peters, and Karen Bower. Deacons: Darrel Lintvedt and Cliff Uthe. Deaconesses: Melanie Bower and Carolyn Smith. Education Committee: Jeanine Patrick and Misti Chester. Parish Board: Tom Larson, Jeanine Patrick, Ron Peters and Cliff Uthe. Sec. Treas: Gary Sletto. Ushers: Lloyd Bower, Ron Peters, Lorne Smith, and Olaf Larson.
During the month of January, the Lutheran Church has been and will continue to collect funds for Tsunami victims and projects. We, who have so many blessings, are asked to share ours to help in their pain and loss. Thrivent Lutheran Financial will provide funds accordingly.
Janice Moore was discharged from Prince of Peace, Sioux Falls after receiving therapy following heart surgery. Dave Moore and Donna Erikson brought her home on Monday. Welcome back, Janice.
Jackie Nies, Draper remains hospitalized in MN, a surgery patient, she is taking therapy. Her address is: Sister Kenny Inst. Rm 2312, Abbot N.W. Hospital, 800 E. 28th St. Minneapolis, MN 57407-3731
A number of youths from Vivian were involved in the AAU Youth tournament at Lyman on Sunday. Participants range in age from pre-school to 14 years of age. Competing from Vivian were Dylan McPeak, Jake Siebel, Evan Smith.
Leigh Severyn and Chris Erikson drove down to Ft. Riley, KS to visit Mike Gould, who is stationed there. He will be going to Iraq in the near future.
Joe and Wanda Severyn called on the Burke Severyns on Sunday.
Not much news, winter has arrived with snow, wind and really cold temps. Keep Warm.

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