July 28 2004

[b]Lines from Lucy [/b]

Posted by Kim
Note from editor: Lines from Lucy are short this week due to the length of the letters to the editor.

Summer activities coming to an end

Are you enjoying summer? Is it going by too fast? It certainly is for me.

According to my advertising calendar, which serves as a monthly planner of all national days or weeks of interest, we haven't passed the half waypoint of summer yet. Since summer officially started June 21 and ends September 22, August 6 is the halfway point of summer. That maybe right if you count September as a summer month, but who does.

Once school starts at the end of August summer is over in my mind. The first reminder that summer is winding down happened last Friday when swimming lessons came to an end for another season. The second reminder will take place next Tuesday and Wednesday when Lyman County Achievement Days are held in Kennebec. I haven't even mentioned the fact that baseball is also winding down. Add to that the completion of wheat harvest and it's obvious that the end of summer is approaching.

My favorite season is the shortest season in South Dakota and seems to be getting shorter and shorter as I get older. I enjoy the hot weather of summer much more than cold South Dakota winters.

I plan to enjoy the upcoming dog days of August as much as possible. They will soon give way to September and the sound of school bells ringing.

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