August 04 2004

[b]Welcome to Presho signs refurbished[/b]

Posted by Kim
Image: /e107_files/images/sign.jpg

This sign welcomes visitors to Presho from the east. The reverse side thanks visitors for shopping in Presho. Photo by Lucy Halverson

by Lucy Halverson

The Welcome to Presho signs, located east and west of town, along Hwy 16 were recently refurbished by Stacie Schlomer. Her father Cordie assisted with the removal and re-setting of the signs.

The signs were originally installed by the Presho Commercial Club a number of years ago. Wanda Sweeney coordinated the effort to get the signs re-painted prior to the alumni weekend Saturday and next year's centennial. Neither the Presho Area Chamber or the city of Presho were able to financially help with the project. Donations from Carl Brakke and Steve Hayes paid for the restoration of the two signs.

Stacie is working on a third sign, which directs visitors to the city park and pool, that will be re-set on the east side of Main Street south of the Cenex station when completed. Donations for that sign are still being accepted and may be directed to Wanda

August 04 2004

[b]Visitors to Fate Dam leave behind unattended fire and debris[/b]

Posted by Kim
By Lucy Halverson

Late night visitors to Fate Dam, located northeast of Presho, have left behind smoldering fires, beer bottles, cans and boxes at the top of the boat ramp and in the parking area, hindering any fisherman's efforts to launch a boat.

August 04 2004

[b]Speaking for Myself[/b]

Posted by Kim
After the Fourth of July Weekend

By Jona Ohm

Following the Fourth of July, I had a friend tell me she and her family had pitched a tent at American Creek campground in Chamberlain just for the holiday weekend.

But you live ten minutes from there, I said, not bothering to try and hide my mocking tone of voice. Up until two weeks ago, the thought of vacationing ten minutes from home was pretty silly to me, and the people who did it were on the top half of my list of people to make fun of.

August 04 2004

[b]Kennebec News[/b] by Doreine Anderson

Posted by Kim
Lorraine Borah accompanied Steve and Mary Borah, Kimball, to Montevideo, Minnesota, the July 24-26th weekend to attend a relative's funeral.

Dabria Trinity Marie Busch, daughter of Casey Busch, celebrated her 2nd birthday at AmericInn, Chamberlain, with a pool party, Thursday evening, July 29, 2004. Relatives and friends were in attendance and birthday cake and refreshments were served.
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