August 18 2004

[b]Lines from Lucy[/b]

Posted by Kim
Road hunting Wisconsin style

Pheasant hunters travel from around the country to hunt the wily ring-neck population of Lyman County. A large number of those hunters come from the state of Wisconsin; home of the Green Bay Packers, Harley Davidsons, and big and small game hunters.

August 18 2004

[b]Letter to the Editor [/b]

Posted by Kim
Presho Alumni welcomed home

Dear Editor,

The other officers of the PHS Alumni Association and I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Presho community for the great hospitality shown for our recent reunion and, especially, to the individuals who help make it happen every year. There were alumni there from both coasts and throughout mid-America, which says a great deal about getting our basic education in Presho. Seeing old friends and making new ones is extremely important in this day and age and every trip to Presho is a trip going home. Thanks for making that trip so meaningful. We look forward to July 2, 2005, for that one year the PHS Alumni will be returning to help celebrate Presho's 100th birthday.

Gordon Garnos, Watertown,
President PHS Alumni Association

August 18 2004

[b]Iona News[/b] by Betty Shaffer

Posted by Kim
Connie Therman and Sydney of Rapid City were guests in the Darl and Theresa Ellis home Saturday and Sunday and attended the Lubbers family reunion.

August 11 2004

[b]Presho Alumni Hold Annual Reunion[/b]

Posted by Kim
Image: /e107_files/images/entertain.jpg

A number of Presho alumni 'volunteered' to entertain the membership following the association's business meeting at the Methodist Church Hall Saturday August 7. Kazoo band members, under the direction of alumni president Gordon Garnos, included former PHS band members; l-r: Larry Lunder, Dean Ubben, Ambrose Schulz, Bernadette Falk, and Dorothy Schwieder.
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