February 07 2006

[b]Female Athletes recognized[/b]

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Lyman Superintendent Bruce Carrier recognized two Lyman senior athletes, Abby Eckstaine and Ashley Uthe, during the girls basketball game Monday, January 30th in honor of the 20th annual National Girls & Women In Sports Day. National Girls & Women In Sports Day (NGWSD) is a special day for girls and women to celebrate their participation in sports and athletics. When Title IX was enacted in 1971, 1 in 27 girls in high school participated in athletics. One in three girls participates in athletics in high school now! There has been an explosion in the number of athletic opportunities open to women and girls of all ages and levels of ability.

Abby, the daughter of Terry and Tara Eckstaine, participates in basketball, rodeo, and dance team. Ashley, the daughter of Gary and Carol Uthe, participates in volleyball, track, dance team, and cheerleading.

February 07 2006

[b]Greater Lyman Foundation established[/b]

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by Lucy Halverson

The South Dakota Community Foundation announces the establishment of the Greater Lyman Community Foundation, a permanently endowed fund with the South Dakota Community Foundation. The funds earnings will be distributed to non profit programs and charities within the Lyman County community.

The funds establishment is the result of a challenge issued by the South Dakota Community Foundation. The $ 25,000 challenge grant is contingent upon raising $ 100,000 in private, unrestricted funds within the next three years. According to Bob Sutton, SDCF Executive Director, This money will function as a savings account for this community forever. Earnings from the established $ 100,000 fund will be distributed to non profit and charity programs and organizations in the greater Lyman area.

Accepting the challenge from the SDCF, members of the 2005 Lyman LeadershipPlenty Class has selected a board of directors to oversee the fund raising and distribution of earnings. The directors include: board president, Herb Sundall, Kennebec; first vice-president April Reis, Oacoma; second vice-president, Angela Ehlers, Presho; Treasurer, Ron McManus, Secretary, Reliance; Tonya Ness, Kennebec; Jim Fulwider, Iona; Neal Brakke, Presho; Judge (Justin) Jessop, Presho.

The 2005 LeadershipPlenty Class accepted the challenge from the South Dakota Community Foundation as a means to fulfill the class objective; to enrich and promote the future of the Lyman area, said board president Herb Sundall.

The South Dakota community Foundation is a public nonprofit corporation operated by a board of directors with permanent assists of nearly $40 million. The SDCF contains funds for over 200 permanently endowed funds, including community savings accounts, scholarship funds, donor advised funds and designated funds all for the benefit of nonprofit and charitable causes across South Dakota.

February 07 2006


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Minnie Victoria Sheridan Law

Minnie Victoria Sheridan Law was born on July 29, 1925 at Garnett, Kansas to Walter Franklin and Bertha Josephine (Greenlee) Sheridan.
On December 16, 2005, Victoria passed away in her sleep.

January 31 2006

Posted by Nicole
Image: http://www.lcherald.com/e107_files/images/MarkKelly.jpg

Mark and Kellie Halvorson with their daughter Kadance look forward to hosting large groups in Hot Rods new banquet/party room.
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