NewsJune 24 2015

High winds damage structures,

Posted by Lucy

High winds damage structures, downed power lines around Lyman County

Photo of the 5th wheel camper laid over by strong winds at the Kennebec KOA Kampground Saturday, June 20

A severe thunderstorm rolled into Lyman County in the early morning hours Saturday, June 20 packing winds 80 to 90 miles per hour and possibly higher that left many homes and businesses with structural damage and broken windows, uprooted trees and downed electrical power poles and transmission lines.
A weather recording instrument located at Randy Yost’s hanger at the Presho City airport registered a wind gust of 104 mph.
Strong winds blew in an overhead door on a garage at the Budget Host Motel in Kennebec then took the roof and part of the back wall of the brick structure down. Vehicles parked at Prairie Dust Bar and at the motel were hit by flying rock and gravel which broke out windows. The motel and the home of owners Todd and Barb Meier also suffered wind damage including lost windows due to flying debris.
Lyman School buses parked at Halvorson Oil and vehicles and campers in the parking lot of Hot Rod’s Steakhouse also had broken windows from flying rocks and gravel.
The wind took it’s toil on the KOA Kampground at Kennebec tipping over camper trailers, blowing over tents, trees and taking off part of the roof on the north side of the office.
“The ceiling is coming in on the registration area,” said Teri Calahan, one of the KOA owners.
Dick and Nancy Rapacilo of Kalispell, Montana were camping on the far west side of the campground Friday night on their way home to Montana following a 6-week vacation to the east coast. According to Nancy, her husband had went to bed about 11 PM but she sat up and watched the storm as it approached from the west.
“It was quite a light show,” said Nancy Saturday morning in reference to the lightening the night before.
Nancy said with increasing winds, she got worried about the slide and woke her husband to help bring in the slide.  Dick woke up to the sound of strong winds and quickly told his wife to hang on because he thought they could flip over.
“There really wasn’t any rocking motion, just all of a sudden the trailer was slammed over on it’s side,” said Dick, who was sporting cuts and bruises.  “It happened so fast”!
The 2014 trailer was still attached to the pickup truck when it went over onto the exit side of the camper. The twisted hitch and dented front end of the camper rested on the pickup box on the passenger side.
Members of the Kennebec Fire Dept. arrived on the scene, following reports of tipped campers,  and broke out the back window of the trailer to free the Rapacilos. 
The couple picked through their belongings Saturday morning looking for salvageable items and waiting for a tow truck to right the camper and determine if the pickup was still drivable.
The couple rented a u-haul and cleaned out their trailer before proceeding on to Montana Monday afternoon.
The KOA remained closed Tuesday as the clean up continued.
See more story and photos in the June 24, 2015 issue of the Lyman County Herald

NewsJune 18 2015

North Central Farmers Elevator and South Dakota Wheat Growers Member-Owners Vote No on Unification

Posted by Lucy

The Boards of Directors for North Central Farmers Elevator (NCFE) and Wheat Growers (WG) have announced that member-owners have voted against approving the unification of NCFE and WG.

The two cooperatives will continue serving their respective members as separate entities.

South Dakota law requires that a majority of eligible members of each cooperative vote in favor of a unification agreement before the unification can go into effect. The final vote, as certified by auditing firm Eide Bailly, fell short.

NewsJune 16 2015

Lyman School Board Election results

Posted by Lucy Halverson

Lyman School Board election results

Results from the 2015 Lyman School Board election are in and have newcomers Matt Collins (275) and  Rolly Cropsey (208) winning two seats and incumbent Meta Halverson (202) taking the third seat.  Mike Chester received 186 votes, which wasn't enough to retain his seat on the board.   The newly elected board members will take office at the July meeting.  See next week's Herald for complete results.

NewsJune 10 2015

Construction at new elevator site stays on schedule

Posted by Lucy

This aerial photo of the new Wheat Growers elevator at Kennebec was taken last week courtesy of local pilot Ryan Husman. He came in from the south and took this photo looking north. The current railroad tracks are located in the lower left hand corner. According to John Kroll, construction project manager from SDWG, work continues on schedule for the completion of the dry fertilizer plant on the left; the flat grain storage building at the top, and the agronomy service center that is located further southeast of the elevator office & probe. Kroll stated the three buildings are expected to be operational by fall of 2015.

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